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A first timer's guide to cruising solo

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Person looking out to sea on ship

Some may think that cruising is the perfect travel option for couples and groups of friends who can enjoy the activities and sights with one another, but cruising is an amazing vacation choice for solo cruisers too. Cruising solo is the perfect way to explore and discover new destinations and locations and make new friends along the way.

Here at Ambassador Cruise Line, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience for all types of cruisers, solo cruisers included. Our dedicated single occupancy cabins are the perfect place to rest your head and our welcoming bars and restaurants are great for meeting with new people and enjoying some downtime. Keep reading to find out why you should plan a solo cruise and enjoy some of the very best destinations alone.

What to expect on a solo cruise

Person solo sightseeing

Solo cruising doesn’t have to be daunting, there are so many benefits to travelling alone, from being able to choose which locations you want to explore, to being able to do things in your own time frames. If you’re struggling to find a sailing companion but really want to get away and enjoy some time onboard a wonderful cruise ship, whether you want to cruise to the Canary Islands or see the Norwegian Fjords, a solo cruise is just the ticket.

Annick, the blogger and keen cruiser behind the blog The Common Traveler spoke to us about what to expect on a solo cruise and why she thinks everyone should try them: “Don’t give up on a cruise because you don’t have a sailing companion! Solo cruising allows you the freedom to explore destinations you’ve always wanted to explore. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get to know fellow passengers - from various onboard activities to excursions. And if you prefer to spend your time solo, no one will judge you! Don’t feel restricted by friends or family that do not have the same budget as you or who cannot take the same time off - treat yourself to a solo cruise!”

As Annick mentions, you can expect to make a plethora of new friends, feel the freedom of exploring in your own time and enjoy some of the single’s events on board when cruising solo. Jenni Fielding, blogger at Cruise Mummy also recommends solo cruising to those who may want to explore alone but want to do so safely:

"Solo cruising is a great option because you'll always feel safe on a cruise ship. You don't have to worry about ending up in a dodgy bar or finding your way home after dark. Where else can you leave at the end of the night and head straight to bed without stepping outdoors? Whether you like to meet new people or prefer to spend your holiday alone, you can do so without worrying about your safety. Even when you head ashore, you can stick to organised excursions, so you'll always be in the company of a professional tour guide."

Who is a solo cruise suited to?

Person holding onto rails on ship

Solo cruising is perfect for almost anyone, even if you have a partner or family. If you want to explore exciting locations at your own pace, enjoy some chilled alone time in the comfort of your cabin and have the opportunity to make new travel-loving friends then you should give it a go.

When you’re on a cruise, there is so much to do onboard during sailing days, that going on a solo cruise, whilst it’s not the most popular thing to do, is a totally viable and enjoyable option, I think,” says Ellie from the blog The Wandering Quinn.

Ellie continues: “A solo cruise is great for people who want a trip and are happy travelling and being alone. During the day you are free to do whatever you want on the ship and there are so many opportunities to chat to other guests whether it’s by the pool, in a cafe or when you sign up to one of the organised events.”

What can Ambassador offer solo cruisers?

Here at Ambassador, we pride ourselves on making sure every type of customer is catered for and that includes those that choose to cruise alone. We have 89 single-occupancy cabins that offer you a comfortable base to enjoy some rest and recuperation. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you with anything you should need, and other like-minded travellers are all looking to make new friendships and enjoy an evening meal or evening of entertainment.

Our single occupancy cabins are available at a special single supplement against the equivalent twin fare based on five selected single cabin categories. For sailings of 6 nights or more, there is also a welcome cocktail party so that you can meet your fellow guests and potentially make life-long friends.

If you’re thinking of going on a cruise but have no one to go with, then why not consider a solo cruise with Ambassador Cruise Line? If you want to find out more about what to expect onboard, then head to our dedicated solo cruising page.

For more tips, guides, and advice, make sure to visit our blog page.

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