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Entertainment and Enrichment

Enjoy yourself with a host of amazing entertainment including quizzes, crafting, plays, cabaret, West End style shows and much more. We don't make a song and dance of it, we leave that up to you as quality entertainment shouldn't have to come at a high price.


West End Style Shows

The Chronicles of a Pirate King

This unique show masterfully blends traditional storytelling with a vibrant modern musical soundscape, brought to life by the Prague Orchestra. Audiences can expect a few surprising twists along the way, including a daring zip line across the stage and a show stopping sword flight. Set aboard a traditional Georgian Navy sailing ship we dive into the thrilling adventures of pirate king Doggerbanks and his motley crew. When they overthrow the captain and his crew an unexpected situation unfolds setting the scene for an unforgettable and unfortunate series of events . Will they discover the legendary No Hope Diamond or succumb to the perils of Skull Island.

Love Is In The Air

A sophisticated evening of timeless music and glamour which is set amidst the romantic splendour of a beautiful avant-garde parkland at dusk. A touch of Rock Opera, Classical Crossover and Musical Theatre provide the backdrop of this emotional and empowering story. It is not love that confuses us, it is the way we love that does. Obsession, unadulterated or misunderstood, we go on a journey of discovery with bespoke ballads, duets, heartfelt laments and six part harmony mash-ups to form the corner stone of this Concerto style show.

Dance Dance Dance

Choreographed by none other than Strictly’s Anton Du Beke. Join the celebration as we take you on a world tour of the best of dance throughout the decades with guest virtual appearances from the star himself.

Enchanted Garden

A fantasy, dream-like musical experience set in a romantic gothic garden on a sweet midsummer night, complete with grand stone arches and sunken turrets. The theme of the show is love lost and love found, with a soundtrack that is a crossover of classical, musical theatre and pop, with bespoke musical arrangements and vocal harmonies.

T H E A T R E @ S E A

As well as the razzle and dazzle of the West End, Ambassador also brings you the drama, comedy and suspense from the theatre. Theatre@Sea is a unique and exclusive product to Ambassador, featuring a range of professionally written plays set to add a distinctive dimension to daytime and evening entertainment programmes. For example:

Hell Hath No Fury - Play

Hell Hath No Fury is a modern take on the Gothic thriller, inspired by a ghost story by M R James. In a sleepy English village, a Detective Inspector receives an unexpected visit from an school old friend, who is convinced that a selfproclaimed witch is pursuing a supernatural vendetta against him. Mysterious texts, threatening phone calls and strange co-incidences convince the detective to seek help from a local priest, who specializes in the occult. Together they uncover the true terror behind this embittered woman’s evil powers, as well as the key to stopping her. But can they do it in time?

Other plays

The Great British Cookery Caper
Murder Mystery - Double Trouble
Abigail's Party
Art Of Murder
New MM - Last Tango In Berlin

In the Spotlight

On cruises of six nights or more, learn more about a fascinating subject from one of our hand-picked guest speakers, who are not only passionate about their interest but want to share their experiences and knowledge with you. 

Cruise & Craft

On cruises of six nights or more why not while away the hours learning a new skill with one of our arts & craft specialists. They will demonstrate their talents and help you to find yours. These may include bead jewellery, painting, mosaic decoration, calligraphy and decorative card art. Materials will be supplied on board by the crafter for a small charge.

Kapoors Arts & Crafts

Kapoors Arts & Crafts

In Conversation With ...

On selected cruises, you will be able to join our light-hearted Programme of ‘In Conversation with …' programme where you are invited to listen to a celebrity speaker or performer talk about their life experience interspersed with questions from you, the audience.

Capture it!

Make sure you bring your camera (smartphone, iPad or tablet), as there will be plenty of special moments to capture. On selected cruises there will be a photographic expert to assist you in improving your skills and making the most of your camera.

Book Club

Why not join other like-minded literature lovers for our cruise book club on cruises of 6 nights or more. You will be able to discuss openly and informally your thoughts on views on some of the bestselling books. All books are chosen in advance, giving you the opportunity to purchase before boarding. You can find out more about our book club here.

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