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Ambassador Drinks Packages

Whether you’re laying back soaking in the stillness or trying a new activity for the very first time, travelling with Ambassador is full of unique moments that help us become better versions of ourselves. Sharing this growth with one another is part of the Ambassador experience as we join together in the same community at sea.

To allow for greater savings and better budgeting, we highly recommend one of our onboard packages, which include service charges and gratuities. These can be purchased upon booking so that the hassle is taken out of your hands straight away.

Drinks are only available from the public bars and lounges. Drinks purchased through room service will be charged at the standard room service rates.

Terms and Conditions          

  • The prices shown above are applicable to any drinks package purchased on/after 1 September 2023.

  • The Ambassador Drinks Packages are only available to purchase for the entire duration of the cruise and if all occupants of the cabin purchase the same package.                        

  • Drinks are for the consumption of the package purchaser/s only.

  • All Ambassador Drinks Packages exclude drinks/snacks from the cabin/suite mini bar and bottles of water (large and small). Tea and coffee ordered at the bars are also excluded from the Ambassador Drinks Packages, with the exception of the Ambassador Expedition Package. Additionally, the package cannot offset the cost of, or be a substitution for, special or private events such as cocktail parties, blessings or similar.

  • Premium teas and speciality coffees are included in the Ambassador Expedition Package only. Please note that any speciality coffees that include alcohol are included within your 15-beverage limit.     

  • For the avoidance of doubt, for cruises of 2, 3 & 4 nights, prices are per person per cruise. For cruises of 5 nights or more, prices are based on per person per night. Ambassador Explorer & Expedition packages are only available to guests aged 18 years and over.

  • Ambassador Drinks Packages may be booked up to 7 days before the sailing date. If within 7 days of sailing, packages can only be purchased onboard, and the ‘Onboard Price’ will be applicable.

  • Full payment is required 90 days before the sailing date, or at the time of booking if less than 90 days.

  • Once within 14 days of departure, the cancellation of any ancillary items including Ambassador Drinks Packages, will be charged at 100% loss of monies and no refund will be applicable.

  • The Ambassador Adventurers (Children) Package is only available on advertised multi-generational cruises and subject to all adult occupants purchasing an Ambassador Drinks Package. Charges apply to children aged 3 to 17 years old at the time of sailing. Infants under 3 will not be charged and no package needs to be added.

  • Only one drink per person at any time may be ordered (minimum 15-minute wait between orders).

  • Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6 am to 6 am). Alcoholic drinks requested above the daily limits will be charged with a 50% discount.

  • All our drinks packages are non-transferable. Ordering drinks for other guests who are not on a drinks package, will result in the withdrawal of the benefit for the holder of the package i.e. with immediate effect the drinks package will be cancelled, and the guest will be required to purchase drinks from our standard menu. No refund for any withdrawn packages will be given.

  • All drinks within the Ambassador Drinks Packages are served by the glass only.

  • Please note that gratuities & service charges cannot be removed or adjusted if purchased within the package.

  • Please note that the Ambassador Drinks Packages are only available for beverages served on board and does not extend to pre or post-cruise arrangements, hotels, flights or any establishment ashore. The cost of the Ambassador Drinks Packages are calculated on the cruise duration and not the entire holiday duration.

  • Onboard purchase of the Ambassador Drinks Packages must be made within 24 hours of boarding the ship. For the avoidance of doubt, a cut-off date and time will be stipulated in the daily programme.

  • The quantity of drinks that the ship can carry onboard is limited by the size of the vessel and certain drinks included within the Ambassador drinks packages may be unavailable from time to time, in which case no refund is allowed.

  • No discounts are offered on bottles of wine, champagne or spirits.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, available drinks included within each package are highlighted on the bar menus.

  • Packages do not apply to the purchase of bottles of spirits, bottles of wine or any items offered in shops onboard.

  • Ambassador Cruise Line reserves the right to introduce exclusions or limitations without prior notice.    

  • Ordering a double shot is not permitted under the programme as it counts as two drinks.

  • Any bottles and cans will be served opened.             

  • The ship's management reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol at any time in accordance with our policy for the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

  • The drinks package applies to the full advertised cruise duration, other than the day of disembarkation where drinks will be charged at the standard bar menu rate. For the avoidance of doubt if the cruise is advertised as a 7-night cruise, then 7 shall be applied as the multiplier to the price of the package.

  • Standard spirit measures are 40ml    

  • In line with our responsible service of alcohol policy, bar staff may refuse service if a guest appears to be heavily intoxicated.

  • Purezza bottled water in cabins isn’t included in any package and is chargeable at the applicable rate of £1.65 per bottle.

  • Guests can purchase a refillable Purezza water bottle from any outlet for £17.95, allowing them unlimited refills in this bottle.

  • A Purezza package can be purchased for £9.95 if you bring the bottle back on a future cruise. This charge also applies if you use your own bottle.

  • Purezza bottle refills are not included in the drinks packages, but guests can have water by the glass which is included in all packages

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