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Is Baked Alaska the Ultimate Cruising Tradition?

Thursday 1 February 2024

Ambassador Cruise Line Baked Alaska

Is Baked Alaska the Ultimate Cruising Tradition?

Baked Alaska is the ultimate cruising tradition, and it’s a big deal here at Ambassador which is why we’re celebrating Baked Alaska Day on 1st February! A delicious dessert that takes centre stage in our TV advert. blends sponge cake with ice cream and meringue topping that is then baked. Never tried Baked Alaska? Why not sample this iconic pudding when you sail with us.

The tradition

The tradition is a staple part of the Ambassador experience, but why is it so popular on traditional cruise liners? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the Baked Alaska Parade made its appearance on cruise ships. However, a book documenting the history of ocean liners (The Only Way to Cross by John Maxtone-Graham) mentions waiters on a 1905 cruise on the Amerika carrying combinations of fire and ice on a parade through the main dining rooms.

It's in the 1950s and beyond that the dessert become a more regular event on cruise ships and persisted throughout the 70s and 80s. The extravagant and impressive dessert is associated with celebration which made it a natural fit for cruise ships which strive to create memorable experiences for their guests. It’s also a fantastic way for the crew to showcase their skills and expertise! 

The tradition is often attributed to Charles Ranhofer, the renowned chef at Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City during the mid-1800s. The dish was initially named ‘Alaska, Florida’ to commemorate the contrast between the cold ice cream and arm meringue.

Legend has it that the dessert gained its iconic name during a dinner party in 1876 when Ranhofer wanted to pay tribute to the newly acquired Alaska territory by renaming the dish "Baked Alaska." The dessert's popularity soared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, becoming a symbol of luxury and sophistication at high-end restaurants.

Baked Alaska's preparation involves encasing a layer of ice cream in sponge cake or baked meringue, creating a thermal insulation that protects the ice cream from the heat of the oven. When served, the outer layer is delicately browned, offering a delightful contrast between the crispy exterior and the cold, creamy interior. 

Over the years, Baked Alaska has retained its status as a show-stopping dessert, cherished for its theatrical presentation and delightful combination of textures and temperatures. So grab your napkins, and get ready to Enjoy Yourself with Ambassador

Why not get celebrate Baked Alaska Day in style at home by creating your very own desert?

See below for our recipe (serving 6):

For sponge
10 pieces egg
250 gm sugar
250 gm flour
06 gm baking powder

Beat eggs and sugar until it is fluffy and then add flour gradually simultaneously add baking powder and bake it at 240 *C temperature for 5 to 6 minutes

For filling
450 gm vanilla ice cream
450 gm strawberry ice cream
450 gm chocolate ice cream

8 egg whites 
30ml vinegar
480g sugar granulated 
Pour the egg white in the whisking machine and beat until it comes to a texture of foam add gradually sugar and continue to beat until it reaches the correct texture, just the secret point to make it stronger add little vinegar and continue to beat. 

Place the baked sponge, add the first layer of the ice-cream that can be either vanilla, chocolate or strawberry then place the sponge again followed with 3 layers all equal in size. Finally pipe the meringue on top and a coating of toasted baked meringue.

If you are tempted to give this a try and share you delicious desserts on social, don't forget to tag #AmbassadorMoments

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