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Celebrating Father's Day: Stories about travelling with dad

Thursday 15 June 2023

Celebrating Father's Day: Stories about travelling with dad

Travelling is one of the best ways to create lasting memories and deeper bonds with those in our lives. Although it takes us far and wide, it can make us feel closer together than ever as we share experiences, learn more about the world together and unwind in each other’s company. We can travel with anyone; friends, loved ones, and children, but it’s often our parents who we take our first travels with.

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we wanted to share some amazing travel stories from people about memories they’ve shared with their father on a trip. Read on to hear these beautiful and heartfelt accounts of amazing memories.

“One of the best parts about travelling with my dad was remembering how similar we are.”

Riana, from the travel blog Teaspoon of Adventure, travelled with her dad from their home in Canada to Europe to enjoy France and the Netherlands. Although Riana had visited Europe before and marvelled at its architecture, her father never had, and she felt excited to be his tour guide.

Riana explained: “I had the awesome opportunity to travel with my dad to Amsterdam and Paris. When I got back, people asked (as they often do when you return from a trip) what was the best part. And my honest answer? Travelling with my dad. Not seeing the Eiffel Tower or eating Dutch pancakes (as delicious as those are) – but travelling with my dad.”

She later shared one of the things she enjoyed the most: “One of the best parts of travelling with my dad was remembering how similar we are. We crack the same kind of jokes; I loved being able to make him laugh. And we bonded really well as travel buddies. We had similar tastes in attractions, food and how long one could reasonably spend at the Louvre before calling it a day. We even seemed to be on the same schedule when it came to coffee breaks (aka an excuse to go inside, get warm and rest our feet).”

Why not make the pilgrimage the other way? We have a wonderful selection of cruises to Canada from the UK which can let you enjoy all the stunning East Coast of the country has to offer.

“I had the chance to have a week of one-on-one time with my dad.”

For his birthday, Flora, from the blog Flora the Explorer, took her father to enjoy the stunning Alps, a first-time visit for both of them. Although they had travelled many times before together, as this was a birthday trip, this one was extra special. 

Flora explained how they spent the big day whilst travelling: “On Dad’s birthday, we headed to Bezau, the closest village to our home base in Mellau. The sun was shining as we got off the bus a little too early, wandering through the charming streets until we reached the base of Bezau Mountain.

“Together, Dad and I sipped coffees and hot chocolate in the little restaurant, shared a sugar-covered doughnut (while I apologised profusely over the lack of birthday cake), and eventually walked up to the mountain’s crest, crunching on fresh snow.”

She also shared why the trip was so special to her: “Of course, the ultimate reason I loved Mellau – and Austria in general – was because I had the chance to have a week of one-on-one time with my dad. We spent hours wandering along rivers, through forests and up mountains, but in amongst the reading of maps and the occasional missed direction, we settled back into an old familiar groove too.

“Resurrecting half-forgotten family jokes, doing accents and impressions, talking fondly about my mum; we spent the week re-bonding, something I don’t do enough of – but I’m really glad we did.”

Rachel Cranshaw shared her experience of travelling with her dad in her article, Game, set and match – how Dad become my new holiday bestie. They travelled together to the Canary Islands, somewhere where they could balance relaxation and activity.

They choose to do both joint and separate activities, which Rachel reported was a success, explaining: “One of the pleasures of doing a mix of separate and joint activities was we could discuss what we’d been doing over meals, to minimise any risk of cabin fever setting in. This really is what adult parental bonding is all about – deepening your appreciation of one another as individuals with a place in the world outside of your own familial unit.”

Throughout the trip, there were moments where nostalgia hit Rachel, bringing fond memories of other trips with her Father; “ It was only once there, feasting together on a seafood paella, that I realised how strongly I associate this dish with convivial familial sharing – on holiday in Spain, made by Dad himself at home in a huge dish lugged all the way back as a culinary souvenir, and later (most impressively) on camping trips in France.”

“I will take advantage of every opportunity to make the best memories.”

Stella Encina shared her thoughts on travelling with her dad on TripZilla, after taking him on a two-day island break. Stella loved being able to take charge and show her dad the organised planner she’s grown into and be able to ensure he didn’t have to worry about a thing.

She explained the realisation she had during the trip: “There is a feeling of nostalgia when we allow ourselves to think about all the things that they have sacrificed for us. So, it makes me happy that, somehow, they are enjoying life after all the years of focusing on their children. It made me a little teary, though, thinking that it would have been nicer if my mother was with us, too. But I was hoping that she was seeing us from up above and was happy about how we enjoyed our time together.”

“There is probably nothing more humbling than doing something that can make our parents happy. Despite the fact that the lives that we live right now seem to no longer revolve around them like when we were kids, spending even just two days with them to recharge is priceless. The time spent with them is something that they will treasure the most for the rest of their lives, as much as we would. So, while my father and I still have the chance to do silly little things together, I will take advantage of every opportunity to make the best memories. I am already looking forward to our next trip!”

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