What does Christmas Day look like on board an Ambassador Cruise?

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

People clinking champagne glasses at Christmas

For many, the 25th of December is a big day, and we know that those choosing to join us on a festive cruise over this period will be wanting to make it extra special. But what exactly happens on an Ambassador Cruise holiday when Christmas Day comes around? Read on to discover our festive cruise and festive event options and find out what happens on board our ships on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day and New Year’s Cruises

We have a great range of festive cruise options perfect for those who want to make this special time of year even more special. First and foremost, you can join us on a winter sun cruise which will allow you to spend both Christmas Day and New Year’s onboard. Whether you want to enjoy the warm sunshine on the Canary Islands or travel further and spend your time taking in the stunning West Indies, you’ll be able to enjoy this special holiday in the sunshine for a totally unique experience.

What to expect on Christmas Day onboard an Ambassador Cruise

We know that the moment you step aboard one of our ships on a Christmas cruise you’ll be transported into the festive mood, and we don’t want to spoil that by giving too much away. However, we think our decorations and brilliant team of onboard crew give Santa’s Grotto and the elves a run for their money!

You’ll be able to combine a festive feel with a more traditional cruise holiday as you stop off at sunny ports and explore the world then come back onboard to lap up the Christmas ambience. On Christmas Day itself, put your glad rags on and enjoy in style as you come together with the rest of your shipmates to savour some fantastic Christmas food and some wonderful festive events.

What are the meal options on Christmas Day on an Ambassador Cruise?

Breakfast and lunch

Whatever time of year you cruise with us, we know that breakfast and lunch are special, and the festive season is no different. Enjoy a delicious set menu in some of our onboard restaurants or take to Borough Market and try a medley of traditional favourites. Whether you prefer to start the day off with a hearty fry-up or want to opt for something lighter to save room for later, you’ll be able to do so. And lunch is the same, letting you enjoy a meal to fit your mood before dinner brings the main event.

Christmas Dinner

Dinner service is where the magic really happens as you and your fellow passengers can sit together to enjoy the full traditional Christmas spread, with an Ambassador twist of course. We don’t want to give too much away, but we are sure it’ll be a meal to remember with all the festive trimmings you’d hope for!

What special events take place on a Christmas and New Year’s Day cruise?

No pun intended, but we really push the boat out when it comes to entertainment and events on our festive cruises! We’re talking murder mystery nights, Christmas cabarets, Christmas light entertainment, carol concerts, Christmas vignettes around the ship, a festive band jam, and more. This is all delivered with the same high quality as the rest of our entertainment is all year around and we will make sure that every moment you are onboard you are delighted and captivated.

Traditional gingerbread hanging at a Christmas Market

Christmas Market Cruises

For some, it might be that you want to get in the spirit but be back at home on the big day to celebrate with your family; we totally get it! If that feels like you, then why not consider a Christmas market cruise? This way you can enjoy the season by taking in some of Europe’s best Christmas markets, the perfect place for some gift buying (for your loved ones and for yourself!) Enjoy a warming cup of glühwein as you look at traditional stalls whilst in port and when onboard, you can enjoy all of your favourite holiday traditions with your fellow guests.

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Some of our festive market cruises are also themed cruises, meaning you can enjoy your passions and interests with like minds whilst cruising with us. You’ll not only be able to enjoy the standard high-level of onboard entertainment but custom talks and events inspired by the theme of your cruise including celebrity appearances.

Onboard Festive Events

Finally, if you don’t have time for a getaway but are looking for a unique day or night then our onboard festive events are ideal. Choose from a five-course lunch or dinner and a show with all of the Ambassador experience rolled in (with a little extra festive sparkle of course!) For those who want to really make it a night to remember, why not opt to stay overnight in one of our cabins and enjoy breakfast with us the following morning? It’s a great way to find out what we’re all about if you are thinking of dipping your toe into the world of cruising. Come with a group, get together with family or spend the evening with your partner for a romantic celebration.

Whether you choose to opt for one night aboard one of our cruise ships to experience the Ambassador magic or if you want to enjoy your most unique festive season yet with a winter sun cruise to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s onboard, we’re sure we can help you make amazing memories and the most of this special time of year.

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