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Haunted places to visit in Europe on a cruise holiday

Wednesday 2 November 2022

View of European city at night

Spooky season is upon us, and we thought this was a good opportunity to delve a little deeper into the spooky history of Europe and some of the destinations you can visit on an upcoming cruise. Europe is a continent with a vast and diverse history and with such history comes spooky stories and tales of ghouls and ghosts. If you’re in the mood to get spooky, then why not plan a Halloween cruise in 2024 or look for a last-minute cruise in November? Keep reading to find out more about some of the most haunted places in Europe to visit on a cruise holiday.

Haunted places to visit in Europe on a cruise holiday:

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Bruges, Belgium

  • Akershus Festning, Norway

  • Prague, Czech Republic

  • Tallinn, Estonia

London, United Kingdom

London at night lit by a street lights

If you’re planning to board your cruise from London Tilbury, then why not head up a few days early and explore some of the haunted locations in London beforehand? London is notorious for having a dark and mysterious past and also being the home of legends like Jack The Ripper and Sweeney Todd, so what better place to start!

Viaduct Tavern

Crystal from the blog Wandering Crystal recommends heading to the Viaduct Tavern if you’re in London, which is known for being one of the most haunted pubs in London: “You can hop aboard any of the British Isles Cruises and get ready to venture to one of the most haunted places in the UK. Several cruises port at London Tilbury, a few train or bus stops away from the very haunted Viaduct Tavern in London. Steeped in dark history, the Viaduct Tavern has a very eerie atmosphere. What makes the pub so terrifying? The cellar is full of former jail cells, and the staff often report the lights go out and doors slam and disembodied whispers are constantly heard throughout the basement. If you want to drink with the spirits, The Viaduct Tavern is one stop you won’t want to miss.”

Tower of London

First built in 1078 and extensively remodelled and extended over the last 1000 years, the Tower of London is often regarded as one of the most haunted locations in London and the whole of the UK. Being the site of over 400 deaths, tales of trials, tribulations and executions run through its corridors and those visiting the site can expect to hear gory stories of those who have never left the walls of the tower.

Bruges, Belgium

The view of the bridge in Bruges

Bruges’ history dates back to the 9th century when it was founded by the Vikings. With such a rich history, there is no denying that the location has to be haunted with historic buildings, eerie side streets and ancient tales of death echoing through the streets. If you’re looking to take in the spooky sights of Bruges an upcoming mini cruise, then make sure you learn all about the ancient tale of the broken love between a monk and a nun that ended in travesty at an Augustinian monastery.

In 1498 a monk from the monastery is said to have fallen in love with a nun named Hortence, when the nun decided she no longer wanted anything to do with the monk she tried to run away. Out of vengeance, the monk killed her, and her soul is still said to wander around Den Noodt Gods to this day.

Akershus Festning, Norway

Akershus Festning, Norway

Built under the reign of King Håkon V, Akershus Festning is a medieval castle situated in Oslo. It was turned into a royal residence in the 1600s and still stands proud overlooking the city to this day. Not only was the castle a royal residence, but it was also an infamous prison between 1797 and 1848 and was the site of some sad and tragic deaths that almost definitely contribute to its spooky and ominous atmosphere.

The castle also played a prominent role during WWII when several people were executed during its occupation by the Germans. For those planning to visit, you can expect ghostly footsteps, disembodied voices and strange smells that can never truly be identified.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge looking onto Prague

Prague is a popular city within the Czech Republic and is often associated with ghostly stories and a deep and dark history. Although there are said to be ghosts all across Prague, there are a few certain areas which are worth a visit if you’re looking to delve a little further into the spooky history of the city.

Staré Město (Old Town)

If you’re looking for ghosts in Prague, then there is no better starting point than Staré Město or Old Town as it is commonly known. The Old Town is known for being home to some of the most famous ghosts and locations like the Old Town Square and St James Church are always popular choices for those seeking out the unsolved stories of those passed.

The 12 Headless Ghosts of Charles Bridge

Every year on 21st June, it is said that 12 headless ghosts walk along Charles Bridge in procession. These ghosts are said to be just some of the 27 men executed in the Old Town Square. There are only said to be 12 because only those most influential had their heads placed in baskets on the bridge tower.

Tallinn, Estonia

View of Tallinn at sunset

As with most medieval cities, there are always myths and legends about days gone by and Tallinn in Estonia is no different and comes complete with plenty of scary stories of its own. There are an abundance of spots to visit if you’re looking to immerse yourself into the depths of the darkness, including Stable Tower where a young man was imprisoned for being dishonest in love, The Black Baron at Pikk-Jalg 14 where it is said you can see flickers of candlelight in the otherwise empty house and Toomkooli 13 where two ladies are said to wander the corridors searching for happiness. 

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If a European cruise is on the cards and you want to delve into the history of these creepy locations a little further, then hopefully this guide has given you a little insight into some of the spots you should be visiting.

If you are looking for more destination advice or want tips for your next cruise, make sure to visit our blog.

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