How to organise your evenings whilst onboard an Ambassador Cruise

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

View of the Palladium stage

You’re onboard Ambience and are sailing to a selection of spectacular destinations. Whilst onboard, you’re enjoying sea days exploring the ship, lying by the pool, or wandering a spectacular port of call, but how will you spend your evening?

Evenings at Ambassador can be tailored to suit your exacting needs; whether you’re looking to enjoy a delicious meal in one of our restaurants or want to explore more of the ship and sit back with a drink in one of our lounges, the options are endless. In this guide, we’ll run through your evening options, including restaurant recommendations, show information and a taste of some of the tipples you can enjoy. Keep reading to have some of your questions answered so you can plan out your perfect night with Ambassador Cruise Line.

Evening dining onboard Ambience: where and when

Onboard Ambience, you can find a host of restaurants and eateries to choose from, during the day and in the evening. If you’re planning your evening and are wondering what time our restaurants open and close in the evening, read on to discover all.

If you’re looking for a less informal evening meal, then Borough Market, as the name suggests, serves a wide range of options and cuisines, and runs an open seating policy so you can choose your food and sit where you please. Borough Market closes at 8:30 pm in the evenings, leaving you time to enjoy a meal here whether you want to catch the first or second show of the night.

The Buckingham Restaurant is our crown jewel for something special, with a five-course dinner menu that serves fresh and fragrant dishes to suit all tastes. There are two sittings at the Buckingham Restaurant, with the second at 8:15 pm and no official closing time. Our onboard team recommends allowing around one hour 45 to enjoy the entire experience.

The Chef's Table is the ultimate on board culinary experience. If you’re looking for something extra special then this VIP multi-course dining experience is the perfect choice. Specially created and hosted by the Executive Chef, it won’t fail to amaze.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate and unique, then our speciality restaurants, Saffron and Sea & Grass, are perfect. At Saffron, you can enjoy mouth-watering Indian cuisine, and Sea & Grass offers an expertly crafted premium tasting menu. Please note there is an additional supplement when dining in Sea & Grass and Saffron.

We recommend booking your evening meals in Saffron, Sea & Grass, and Buckingham Restaurant before sailing, but don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can speak to the restaurant manager, who will alter your bookings for you. All speciality restaurants need to be booked and if not one prior, can be done so by speaking to a member of the team in Buckingham Restaurant during opening hours.

We understand that dietary requirements are important, and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss any complex dietary requirements with the Executive Chef, so you know your needs are taken care of.

Restaurants onboard Ambience:

  • Buckingham Restaurant – A 5-course dining experience in our crown jewel
  • Borough Market – Self-service, informal dining with a mixture of cuisine options
  • Saffron – Speciality dining specialising in Indian
  • Sea & Grass – Speciality dining specialising in a premium grill experience

Evening entertainment onboard Ambience

We pride ourselves on evening entertainment here at Ambassador Cruise Line and promise that you will never be bored whilst sailing with us. So, what entertainment options are there to choose from? Here are the highlights.

The Palladium is where the real magic happens onboard Ambience. Our west-end quality theatre shows are truly a spectacle that has to be experienced when you sail with us. We offer two evening shows to accommodate our early and late dinner sittings, the first at 8 pm and the second at 10 pm. Our talented show team are on hand to entertain you all night long with a selection of shows, including Dance, Dance, Dance, Enchanted Garden, The Curious Case of Miss Grey, and A Birthday Blunder. The run-time of all of our shows is around 45 minutes.

Raffles Bar is a wonderful place to sit and unwind after a delicious meal before heading down to the Palladium for a show. Alternatively, it is a chilled spot for a relaxing evening with a glass of whatever you fancy. Raffles hosts some great resident musicians, adopting a jazz feel with its art deco interior.

Prefer a pub experience? The Purple Turtle Pub is for you. Home to quizzes and game shows on board, you’ll be able to enjoy an evening of competitive fun with your resident guests onboard. And enjoy the traditional pub service and feeling.

The Botanical Lounge has adopted a floral theme and is also home to live music in the evening, with a resident musician playing classical music, creating a relaxing and chilled ambience. Perfect for those who want to sip on a cocktail and decide how to spend their next day with us or reflect on a day well spent before heading off to bed.

Last but by no means least, the Observatory is a unique location, offering uninterrupted views over the sea ahead and serving a selection of tantalising tipples. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, as drinks are served alongside entertainment, often a cabaret and then a late-night disco – best get your dancing shoes on!

All of our bars stay open until 1 am, giving you time to experience everything on board.

Recommended evening schedules for Ambience

Now that you know how much is on offer, it can take a lot of work to figure out how to spend your time. Below, we offer two suggested evening schedules to help you start planning.

The “quiet night in”

Are you looking to enjoy a quiet and comfortable night onboard Ambience? Find an example of how you could spend your evening below.

5 pm - Head back to your cabin after a day of exploration. Drop off your souvenirs, take a shower and get changed before the evening ahead.

6 pm - Once you have relaxed and feel ready, head for dinner. Choose from one of our fantastic speciality restaurants and sit back as we serve you a selection of delicious dishes.

7:15 pm - Take a walk from your restaurant to Raffles Bar to enjoy a quick drink alongside some lively jazz before enjoying some evening entertainment.

8 pm - Head to The Palladium and enjoy one of our four shows performed by some outstanding performers. Sing, dance, and clap along.

9:15 pm - After leaving The Palladium and enjoying a brilliant show, take a trip up to the main deck and enjoy some fresh air and the starry night sky.

9:45 pm - Head back to your cabin and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep before another big day.

The “late and lively evening”

We've got you covered if you’re looking to enjoy a slightly livelier night onboard Ambience. Find an example of how you could spend your evening onboard below.

5 pm - Head back to your cabin after a day of exploration. Drop your bags, enjoy a relaxing shower and get your glad rags on, ready for the night ahead.

7 pm - Head to The Botanical Lounge and enjoy a pre-dinner tipple and some of the wonderful live music played most evenings in the bar.

8:15 pm – Sit down to enjoy a later dinner in the Buckingham Restaurant, where you’ll be served a delicious five-course meal full of fresh and fragrant ingredients.

10 pm – Journey to The Palladium to enjoy the second show of the evening. The shows are performed by some of the very best performers and are a wonderful evening of joyful singing, dancing, and clapping along.

11 pm - Wander from The Palladium to The Observatory for a late-night drink and dance at our disco. The bars are open onboard until 1 am, so there really is no rush back to your cabin.

1 am - Head back to your cabin and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you’ve booked a cruise with Ambassador or are considering booking, hopefully, this guide has answered some of your questions about how best to spend your evening on board Ambience. We’re sure you’ll agree, there are a wide range of options and something for everyone!

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