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One year of Ambassador: Our guests share their favourite memories so far

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Ambassador staff onboard Ambience cruise ship celebrating one year of Ambassador

We can’t believe it’s coming up to a year since we launched! To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to hear from you, our guests, to discover your memories from our first year at sea.

Read on to discover first-hand what cruising with Ambassador means and what’s in store for our third year.

Ambience feels like home”

Our first memory comes from Sandra, who joined us on our Cuba and Caribbean Cruise, our first 2023 cruise. With stops in Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados and more, it was perfect for those looking for some tropical sun. It was the entertainment that Sandra loved most, telling us: “The warm welcome we received upon boarding made us feel at home straight away. The staff were friendly and helpful, and we soon became friends. Ambience feels like home.

“We visited some wonderful places, Cuba, in particular, was amazing. We had been before, many years ago, but it didn't disappoint.

“We particularly enjoyed the White Night deck party, complete with tables showcasing such things as the towel animals which magically appear in your cabins. We went to a show one evening and got back to the ship after midnight to find that Borough Market staff were waiting for us, with a full hot meal - that is wonderful service.

“We made so many memories which will stay with us forever.”

We hope to see you on board again in the future, Sandra!

“The love of the Ambience crew was fantastic”

Diane Jeffryes had joined us aboard Ambience twice now, once on our Maiden Voyage and then again on our Multi-generational cruise to the majestic Norwegian Fjords. Diane’s family also came aboard for the cruise to the Fjords, and Diane shared her memory of this with us: “What better way to spend a holiday than to sail away with your family on an Ambassador Cruise? We had the most amazing experience onboard. The welcoming atmosphere, culinary delights, entertainment and, above all, the love of the Ambience crew were fantastic!

“The Norwegian Fjords were simply breathtaking. I will never forget my family’s first cruise, and the memories made will stay with me forever. I hope they’ll join us again soon, but for now, our pictures will remind us of a wonderful time together.

“We are looking forward to our third sailing with Ambience!”

Thank you for your kind words, Diane; we can’t wait to welcome you aboard again and hopefully your family too!

“When we arrived onboard Ambience, it was like arriving in a Christmas Fantasia”

It’s not just cruises that you can join us on board one of our ships for. We also offer onboard events, including festive events perfect for putting some extra sparkle into the holidays. Adrian Coombs-Hoar joined us in 2022 for a Festive Lunch Event, coming onboard for a meal and a show.

Adrian summed up his experience for us: “There were four of us booked for the Christmas Lunch Event on 9th December 2022. When we arrived onboard, Ambience, it was like arriving in a Christmas Fantasia set in some mystical land! It was decked out in the most wonderous Christmas decorations - Trees, baubles, tinsel, you name it, it was there. We were greeted by staff who gave us cocktails or soft drinks and who were very friendly and attentive. We looked around the whole ship from top to bottom, and we were very impressed by what we saw.

“We then went for our lunch which was absolutely delicious, and no skimping on portions or wine top-ups either! We were treated to the rather jolly 'Baked Alaska' parade, which made us laugh.

“After the meal, we went and saw the show in the Palladium, which was top-notch entertainment. When this finished, we sadly realised it was time to go, and our fantastic day out ended. We are coming back for the Christmas and New Year 2023 cruise, and to be frank, it cannot come sooner!”

We can’t wait to spend the holidays with you again, Adrian!

“We were greeted like long-lost friends”

Finally, we heard from Sandra, who also joined us on our January Cuba and Caribbean cruise. Although the destinations for this cruise were outstanding, it was the staff and the warm welcome that Sandra remembers most fondly, telling us: “We waited to embark on our cruise, and spotted one of the entertainment team we knew from a previous cruise. We were greeted like long-lost friends.

“Once we stepped on board, we saw more familiar faces. We instantly felt at home. Over the course of the 6 week’s cruise, we got to know many of the staff. They shared family stories with us and us with them. This is what sets Ambassador apart - everyone is part of a big family. One young waitress said she was disembarking on the same day as us. She was happy to be going home but sad that she couldn’t see her, as she put it, "English Mum and Dad" again.

“If Ambassador can keep this family ethos, they will continue to grow their client base. People are made to feel special. We can't wait to go back on board later in the year and again early next year and catch up with all the wonderful staff.”

The Ambassador family can’t wait to catch up with you once more too, Sandra!

What does the future have in store for Ambassador?

Although we’ve come so far already, we feel as though we’re just getting started. Our third year will be significant for us, as it marks the inauguration of our second ship – Ambition. Ambition will be our second lady of the sea, and we’re excited for you to all be introduced to her.

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With Ambition comes a whole host of new cruises and new destinations. One we’re incredibly excited about is our first world cruise, departing in January 2024. Allowing you to cruise to Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and more, an around-the-world cruise is the ultimate holiday.

Our first ever world cruise, Ambience’s 2024 Grand Round The World Cruise, departs on the 6th of January 2024 and, over 120 nights, will explore six continents, 24 countries and 34 ports of call! Across 34,759 nautical miles, our guests can explore historical marvels, bustling cities, natural paradises, idyllic beaches and much more.

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Are you looking to learn more about Ambassador? From valuable guides to our cruises and ship to destination information, you can find more articles like this on our blog.

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