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The best burgers in Iceland

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Iceland is known for many things, the Northern Lights, warm lagoons, cold temperatures, and amazing wildlife, but some may not consider it as a foodie hotspot. Seafood is a popular dish for those visiting the small country, but burgers are also a popular and delicious choice for locals and tourists, including those on a 2024 cruise to the Icelandic shores.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re planning to cruise to Iceland, you’re now going to know where you need to head when exploring the shores.

Where to get the best burgers in Reykjavik

Islenski Barinn

Situated in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, Islenski Bariin is known for its mouth-watering array of succulent burgers, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Choose between lamb, beef, chicken, lobster and even reindeer for that local Icelandic taste. Often served with salad, waffle chips, fried onions, and onion rings!

Not only can you sit back, relax and tuck into a tasty burger at Islenski Barinn, but you can also get a taste for traditional Icelandic beer and enjoy the true Icelandic culture surrounded other like-minded individuals.

Lebowski Bar

Sitting near the coast in Reykjavik, Lebowski Bar is the perfect mix of Icelandic spirit and American cuisine. Serving a plethora of hamburgers and milkshakes, you can experience the uniquely named The Honey Boo, The Smokey, The Stranger and The Donny, all of which comes complete with fries and soda.

So, if you’re looking for a warming and delicious eatery with a chilled atmosphere whilst in the city, then make sure you head to Lebowski Bar.


A location with a little more finery than some of the other Reykjavik options we have mentioned, Krost offers a selection of fine-dining options, including two delicious burgers, one grilled rib-eye burger with bistro fries and Krost sauce, and the other the Beyond Meat Burger, perfect for those who are vegetarian but still want to enjoy a tasty burger with all the trimmings.

Bodvar Lemacks is the head chef at Krost, and he learnt his skills in Argentina where he worked at a steak and grill house market after graduating as a chef, so there is no doubt that you will be in very capable hands when eating here.

Grundarfjordur church and town taken from a drone

The best burgers in Grundarfjordur

Kaffi 59

Situated on the west of Iceland in Grundarfjordur, Kaffi 59 is a location renowned for scrumptious pizzas and burgers and is a family run business. This cosy café in the heart of a traditional Icelandic town is the perfect way to get the true experience of a local. Burgers are served with fries and can be enjoyed with a selection of beers and other drinks.

The best burgers in Isafjordur


Although the façade of this restaurant may look something like a traditional Icelandic house, Husid is known for its quaint wooden tables, chilled atmosphere and flavourful and relaxed meals. Not only can you enjoy fish, burgers, pizzas, and lamb, you can enjoy them to the sound of groovy tunes as they play within the walls.

The location is often a spot for live music so is a great location for an evening meal whilst at shore. The only thing you have to decide is what to have to eat!

Edinborg Bistro

Fancy a cocktail? The Edinborg Bistro is a location that can offer you a delicious meal accompanied by a delicious drink and a great atmosphere, what more could you ask for? The sunny terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a burger in the summer months and the cosy corners of the restaurant make it a wonderful and warming place in the winter.

So, now you’ve read about the best burgers in Iceland, go out and eat the best burgers in Iceland! If you’re planning an upcoming cruise to Iceland or are looking at joining us on another adventure, then take a look at our blog section and to discover more articles.

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