The Best Cruise Ports for Foodies

Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Holding a pizza margherita in Naples, Italy

Travel is an incredible way to unlock the world and new cultural experiences. From seeing historic landmarks to experiencing breathtaking nature, there are plenty of amazing and unforgettable experiences to be had. For some, travel unlocks one thing best of all – food.

Trying local cuisine and experiencing regional delicacies and the flavour of new ingredients is something that food lovers cannot resist when it comes to travelling the world. From light and fresh flavours in the Mediterranean to expert blends of spices in East Asian dishes, there are plenty of tantalising food experiences to be had.

In this article, we reveal the very best ports around the world for food lovers. Read on to find out more!

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The best cruise ports for foodies

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
  • Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Naples, Italy
  • Penang, Malaysia

Fresh pastries in Torvehallerne Market, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

You may not think that a Denmark cruise will be a place to enjoy incredible food, but this Scandinavian country offers some incredible dining experiences, and Copenhagen is arguably the highlight. With 15 restaurants here awarded Michelin Stars, you’ll be able to find luxury dining with ease and a foodie experience you’ll never forget. Alternatively, the coffee shop scene in Copenhagen is illustrious. With a wealth of cosy and warm bakeries and eateries, you’ll be able to eat delicious pastries and drink warming coffee to break up your time exploring this exciting metropolis.

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A stack of traditional Portuguese Pastel de Nata

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Portuguese food is rich in flavour and makes use of delicious fresh ingredients and those on a Madeira cruise or stopping by the island on a cruise to the Canary Islands can enjoy this in abundance. From beloved canned sardines to the iconic pastel de nata, there are a wealth of local dishes that you can try whilst here. For lovers of seafood, Madeira is perfectly positioned in the Atlantic Ocean to deliver; one of the most popular dishes on the island is lapas, or limpets! As the birthplace of Madeira wine, as well as sampling amazing Portuguese dishes, you should also make sure you’re sampling this delicious liquor.

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A bird’s eye view of traditional Morocco food in a tagine

Marrakesh, Morocco

With a culinary palette consisting of vibrant flavours and aromatic spices, Morocco is a country with proud food heritage that shines through. When enjoying a cruise to Iberia and North Africa, a stop in the capital Marrakesh is the opportunity to sample some amazing food. Moroccan food has a long and rich history, with many cooking methods and preparations having been the same for thousands of years. From tagines to couscous, there are plenty of warming dishes to try.

We spoke to Cecily who shares her travel stories at Groovy Mashed Potatoes. Cecily recommended Marrakesh for this reason: “Marrakesh is the perfect destination for foodies who like a taste of adventure. The best way to dive into the city’s cuisine is by hiring a local guide to take you on a street food tour at night when markets have a frenetic magic to them.”

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Margherita Pizza in the Galleria Umberto in Naples

Naples, Italy

There are few countries better renowned for their foodie scene than Italy. If you’re planning a Mediterranean cruise, then you’ll be able to experience the food prowess of Italy including the stunning city of Naples. Fraught with a turbulent history, the city of Naples has plenty to offer travellers, and incredible food is one of the highlights – especially pizza. The home of the Neapolitan, when you’re here grabbing an authentic and fresh pizza is essential.

Street food in Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

Whether you are enjoying a full cruise holiday around the world, or a world cruise sector like a cruise from Singapore to the UK, you’ll be able to visit a range of exotic and exciting locations. One such location where food lovers will be able to rejoice is Penang in Malaysia. Offering a diverse mixture of cultures, Penang’s foodie scene is one of fusion and rich flavours. From luxury dining to high-quality street food, Penang has it all.

We spoke to Rach and Marty from the travel blog Very Hungry Nomads. As a part of their food-inspired quest around the world, they’ve visited Penang and had this to say on why they loved it: “Penang is a foodie haven due to its diverse cuisine influenced by Malay, Indian, Chinese and Peranakan cultures - a fascinating blend of big flavours and textures. From renowned ‘Hawker Style’ street food to unique local delicacies, the food here offers an unmatched and affordable culinary experience.”

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Fine dining onboard an Ambassador Cruise

​​​​Dining with Ambassador Cruise Line

Even when you aren’t at port enjoying local delicacies and new dishes, you’ll be able to enjoy some incredible dining options when you cruise with us. Whether you’re sailing on Ambience or Ambition, we have some great venues and speciality restaurants onboard serving up delicious dishes.

Enjoy Saffron for a taste of crafted Indian gastronomy. Or, Chef’s Table allows you to enjoy a VIP, multi-course dining experience hosted by the ship’s Executive Chef. On Ambience, Sea & Grass provides a tasting journey across seven handcrafted acts. On Ambition, Lupino’s offers Mediterranean cuisine with an alfresco feel.

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