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The best tapas in Tenerife

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Street cafe

Sun, sea and spectacular scenery, Tenerife is an incredible port to visit on a Canary Island cruise. Whether you’ve spent your stopover enjoying the rich, local history or just relaxing on the sun-kissed seafront, we’re sure there will come a point when enjoying some of the local cuisine enters your mind.

When visiting the Canary Islands, there is one thing you certainly should try and its tapas. A selection of small plates and local delicacies will leave you satisfied and let you try a range of flavours and dishes that you can’t recreate anywhere else but here. Read on to discover our top suggestions for places to try the best tapas in Tenerife.

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What is tapas?

Tapas refers to a style of food service in which, rather than ordering one portion of food for your meal, you are able to try multiple smaller plates. For travellers, tapas are one of the easiest ways to really delve into the local foodie scene as in one meal you are able to try multiple local delicacies and dishes.

Traditionally, tapas are served at bars alongside drinks and intended as a sharing food. It’s an essential part of Spanish cuisine, and, although thought to have started on the mainland, it is popular on the Canary Islands today.

What should I eat in Tenerife?

First thing’s first, it’s important to know WHAT to order when getting tapas in Tenerife to know you are getting an authentic experience and trying the most popular local foods. The food found on the Canary Islands is entirely unique due to the climate and geology of the islands, giving all local produce a unique flavour that you can only find here. For those who aren’t sure what to try when visiting on a cruise, we have put together an article on the must-try Canarian food specialities which you can read below.

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Seafood in shells

Where to get the best tapas in Tenerife

El Porron Tasca Andaluza

Located not far from the cruise port in Santa Crus de Tenerife is our first suggestion, El Porron Tasca Andaluza. Famous for amazing dishes and the host, Pepe, here you’ll get a warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food aplenty. The menu here blends Canarian and Andalusian dishes to give you an authentic Spanish experience and uses fresh and local ingredients so the flavours really shine. Plus, it has a wonderful outside seating area which is great for taking in some Canarian sun whilst you dine.


Another nomination for the best tapas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife would have to be Caminito. They offer a wonderful selection of tapas at a great price and alfresco dining, so you can continue to soak in the sun and local atmosphere whilst enjoying some tasty dishes. A small and intimate space, here you’ll experience great hosting and attention from your wait staff. They are often hailed for their calamari, so be sure to place an order for that when you visit and try it for yourself.

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D’tapas, 26

With a great menu and focus on fresh ingredients, D’tapas, 26 in the centre of Santa Cruz is another recommendation for those who are looking for authentic and sophisticated tapas. Their seafood options are always well received, so for fish lovers, this is a wonderful choice of location for lunch or dinner during your stopover. With food prepared fresh once you order, and the wait staff and owners always happy to give their recommendations, you’re sure to come away happy.

Mundo Iberico

If you are looking for a real treat, then making the trip to Mundo Iberico is well worth it. Their menu centres around Iberico ham – a Spanish delicacy - and their range of dishes (including tapas but not limited to) make the most of the freshest local ham available. They are also well renowned for their wine list, so if you are looking for a romantic dinner spot this could well be it. It’s a little bit more expensive than more traditional tapas bars, but you can see that reflected in the establishment and the dedication to quality.


If traditional isn’t really your style, then you should try fusion tapas bar, Guannabí. Located in a beautiful Canarian building, the surroundings may be traditional, but the menu isn’t, blending Spanish favourites with Peruvian, Mexican and Asian influence. Whether you’ve over-indulged in traditional tapas or are looking to experience something totally unique, Guannabí is well worth a try.

Where to get the best tapas in Tenerife

  • El Porron Tasca Andaluza

  • Caminito

  • D’tapas,26

  • Mundo Iberico

  • Guannabí

With amazing local ingredients and a firm cultural heritage, we are sure that wherever you end up dining during your Winter Escape cruise holiday stopover in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you’ll enjoy some fresh tapas.

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