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Tips for cruising with seasickness

Tuesday 9 July 2024

View of the horizon on a cruise ship

Cruising is a wonderful way to explore the world, uncover new destinations and meet new, likeminded people, but for those that might feel uneasy at sea, get travel sick or are unsure about the thought of being on a boat for a long period of time, cruising might not be a first choice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be written off completely. If a cruise holiday is something you’d love to enjoy but seasickness is holding you back, then this article is for you. In this guide, we take you through some of the simple tips for seasickness so you can prevent and overcome that unwell feeling when you’re next enjoying a cruise holiday with Ambassador.

What causes seasickness?

The feeling of seasickness is much like the feeling you’d experience when you get travel sickness in a car, a plane, or a train; it is the motion that often causes an uneasy feeling. The NHS website describes seasickness as the following:

“Motion sickness is caused by repeated movements when travelling, like going over bumps in a car or moving up and down in a boat, plane, or train. The inner ear sends different signals to your brain from those your eyes are seeing. These confusing messages cause you to feel unwell.”

What can you do to help seasickness?

There is a plethora of ways to help seasickness, some of these are preventative methods, and some will be emergency methods if you get caught feeling unwell once you’re on the ship.

Motion or other seasickness remedies

The most common cure for seasickness is with travel sickness tablets or other motion remedies. These sorts of tablets are available from every pharmacy and are reasonably priced, so are accessible to all. There are several variations with different dosages, so it is worth speaking to your doctor or the pharmacist beforehand to ask for their recommendations on what you should be taking and how often. These sorts of travel tablets should usually be taken before travel, so taking a dose before boarding your cruise ship is advised, but make sure you have plenty to see you through your cruise.

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Get fresh air

Lady getting some fresh air outside on cruise shipOne of the best ways to cure seasickness is to get outside and taking in some fresh air. Being inside the cruise ship when the water may be choppy or rough can heighten the feeling of excessive movement. If it is safe to do so, then head out onto one of the decks or your balcony and just breath. Being able to see the water and focus on the horizon can often help stabilise your body and allow you to adjust to the movement of the boat.

Wear sea bands

Travel bands or sea bands are another great way of subsiding travel sickness and are often used for those who get car sickness. They work by applying pressure to acupuncture points on the wrist which is said to reduce the feeling of nausea and sickness when travelling. The same effect can also be recreated by adding pressure to your pulse points with your thumbs for 2 to 3 minutes.

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Try ginger or apples

This may sound like an old wife’s tale, but it is said that eating an apple or trying some ginger can help with seasickness. If you’re feeling uneasy, try some ginger tea with your breakfast and make sure you pack a bag of apples as an extra precaution. Ginger tablets and candied ginger are also great alternatives to seasickness tablets.

Apples are said to be great at clearing the stomach of nausea-inducing chemicals and easing the digestive system

Avoid strong odours and foods

If you’re feeling sick or nauseous, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by strong odours that may make you feel worse. If you’re outside, try and avoid smoking areas and steer clear of foods that might trigger you.

It is important that you still try to eat and drink water, even if you are feeling unwell, but it is probably wise to avoid spicy or greasy food and eat fresh and light dishes.

If you’re planning to book a cruise in 2024 but are worried about potentially feeling seasick, then hopefully this guide has given you some tips on how to be prepared. For more article and guides like this, make sure you check out the Ambassador blog.

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