What is ABTA and how does it protect our guests?

Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Ambience in port

Now more than ever, when booking your upcoming holiday, knowing your booking is protected and you are using a reputable company is crucial.

By choosing to book with an ABTA member, you can rest easy knowing that your chosen tour operator is working to the highest standards, and you’re protected should there be any financial complications for the travel company. In this article, we share a little more about what ABTA is and how it protects you as a customer when you’re booking an upcoming cruise.

What is ABTA protection?

ABTA is a trade association for UK travel agents and tour operators, as well as the wider travel market. What does ABTA do? Well, their aim is to help members and travel agents run successful businesses and provide travellers with advice, guidance, financial protection, and support where necessary.

ABTA work closely with their members, including Ambassador Cruise Line, to maintain high standards and work towards a more sustainable travel industry. As an ABTA member, travel agents and tour operators must sign a code of conduct which commits them to service standards, accurate advertising, and fair trading.

How does ABTA protect guests?

As well as offering peace of mind that the agency or operator you have chosen is working to a code of conduct, you’re also protected in many other ways. When booking a holiday, you want to know that the company you are choosing can be trusted with your information as well as your money. In the unlikely event that a travel agency or operator should face financial uncertainty, ABTA will help you understand your level of financial protection and what to do next.

Should you find yourself in a situation where your chosen agency or travel company has ceased trading, ABTA are on hand to offer guidance and assistance with the steps you should be taking next and what will happen with your booking and your funds.

How Ambassador protects its guests

Here at Ambassador Cruise Line, the happiness of our guests is essential, and this is why we offer our peace of mind guarantee. We understand that it is important to feel financially protected and to feel at ease when booking a holiday, which is why we are an ABTA member (Y6765).

As a condition of ABTA membership and in accordance with the Package Travel & Linked Travel Regulations (2018), Ambassador is obliged to protect all funds paid by its guests.   To comply our guests are financially protected by a Financial Failure Insurance Policy, which is managed by TMU Management Limited and underwritten by Accelerant Insurance Europe SA which is regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (3193).  Additionally, consumer funds are paid into an independently managed trust account and only paid to Ambassador on the day of departure of each cruise. If Ambassador Cruise Line should fail, TMU Management Limited would refund all monies paid.

As well as being financially protected, we also guarantee the highest of health and safety standards on board our ships Ambience and Ambition, so you can book with the knowledge and reassurance that we have taken care of everything on board.

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise with Ambassador Cruise Line, then hopefully this article has filled you with confidence and peace of mind that your booking is protected and secure.

Whether you’re looking for a short cruise from Liverpool or you want to enjoy a cruise from one of our seven other ports including the likes of Newcastle, Falmouth or Dundee, to name a few, you’re bound to find your perfect cruise with Ambassador Cruise Line. For more articles like this, make sure you head to our blog.