Where can you find the Northern Lights?

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

The Northern Lights over Nuuk, Greenland

Witnessing the Northern Lights is something that is on many peoples’ bucket lists. After all, for many people, seeing them isn’t a standard occurrence and the magic of the glow seems like something you can only experience in a fantasy story. If you are hoping to cross the Aurora Borealis off of your travel to-do list but aren’t sure where to start, in this article, we share five of the best countries in the world to see the Northern Lights.

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Where are the best countries to see the Northern Lights?


By far one of the most popular destinations to search for the Northern Lights is Norway. The mixture of gorgeous fjords and incredible culture means that this is a brilliant destination to visit anyway, and the northerly position of the country means that the lights are visible for about 8 months of the year.

So, if you want to see the lights, why not try your luck on a Norway cruise? Although seeing the lights is never guaranteed, picking a cruise from August to April will give you a better chance due to the darker days and longer nights. 


The next destination you could consider is Iceland. This northerly island has plenty to see for those who love the outdoors, with geysers, volcanos and glaciers galore. The impeccable settings give you a great location to witness the lights, which reflect off the snowy landscapes around you.

When cruising Iceland, we don’t just stop in Reykjavik but some of the lesser-visited destinations around the island meaning you can avoid the bright capital city lights and get to the heart of this beautiful country’s culture.

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The Northern Lights over Iceland


You may never have thought of travelling to Greenland however, the island state has plenty to offer a traveller who is looking for an adventure. With whales, fjords and some truly wild landscapes, the so-far relatively untravelled Greenland is a really unique location to visit.

In Greenland, you can see the lights from the end of September to March or early April. The further north on the island you go, the brighter the aurora is likely to appear however, even in Nuuk, the capital, you can still enjoy an eye-catching display.

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You don’t have to leave the UK to experience the Northern Lights, however. By simply heading north, in the right conditions, mainland Scotland can too enjoy the Aurora, known there as the ‘Mirrie Dancers’. For an even better chance, the northern isles such as Orkney and Shetland are well worth a visit.

Our British Isles cruises journey up north allows you to experience not only the northern isles but Ireland, the Scilly Isles and more as well, letting you explore everything the United Kingdom has to offer.


Outside of Europe, Canada can be another brilliant option for those who want to look for the lights. As with other countries, the further north you go the more likely you are to see the lights and you can make your experience even better by avoiding places with major light pollution.

Some of our Canada cruises also stop off in Iceland and Greenland en route, giving you three of the top five countries on the list in one holiday! Even if you don’t see the lights, these three stunning destinations are sure to enchant you and leave you wanting to go back to try once more.

Where can you find the Northern Lights?

  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Scotland
  • Canada

Northern Lights Cruises

For the best chance of seeing the aurora, our Northern Lights cruises from the UK journeys north in search of the show. Timed to align with the best time of year to see the lights, join fellow Aurora-chasers aboard and enjoy amazing destinations during the day with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights during the nights. You’ll journey straight up towards the Arctic Circle, and, depending on the itinerary you choose, search out the lights in Norway or Iceland.

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The Northern Lights are certainly one of the most beautiful sights on the planet and, in these five countries, you can enjoy them over exceptional landscapes. For those who are searching out the Aurora Borealis, we wish you luck and hope you get to see them one day on your travels.

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