Why a cruise is an affordable way to see the world

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

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When many people think of the word ‘cruising’, it can conjure up the sense of unaffordable luxury. It is perhaps true that, in days gone past, cruising the world was a pursuit only really available to the most affluent of couples and families; we would simply gaze on with envy whenever we happened to spot a cruise ship on the horizon or docked in a port we were visiting on a more modestly priced holiday.

Now, however, these days of exclusivity are a thing of the past. For various reasons, discovering the world from the comfort of a cruise ship is a much more realistic option for countless people across the UK and the world.

In this article, we highlight how and why cruising is a very accessible holiday option. If you do your research and choose the right package, cruises to Australia and New Zealand cruises are now options open to just about anyone who enjoys an annual holiday.

Take a break from bills

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Did you know that there has been research to suggest that going on a cruise for a year could actually work out significantly cheaper than just getting by in some of the world’s most populated major cities for the same length of time?

With the high prices associated with modern-day living in expensive cities like London, enjoying a luxurious cruise holiday starts to look like an attractive option for those who want to take a breaking paying those nasty bills.

But what does this actually look like on paper? Where do the savings come from? Well, here is a quick list of the kind of expenses you could avoid if you took the plunge and checked yourself into a cruise ship for a whole year:

  • Rent
  • Food (both groceries and meals out)
  • Commuting (fuel, train tickets etc.)
  • Utility bills (heating, electricity etc.)
  • A phone contract (imagine the freedom you would gain by ditching your mobile for a year!)
  • Internet contract
  • Cinema tickets
  • Gym membership

The key to realising just how affordable cruising can be is to offset the price of your ticket against what you will be saving by having a break from all of the expenses listed above. Most people forget that many of the amenities we think of as ‘essential’ – such as regular entertainment – are readily available on all kinds of cruise ships.

As English Mum – a travel, family food and lifestyle blogger who has written about several of her cruise experiences – explains, making the most of your holiday budget on a cruise ship is “really about prioritising.” She advises that for value for money cruising, there are two ways to look at booking: “Booking early means that you can often bag a really good price for the specific cruise you want, but if you’re flexible on ship and destination, then a last-minute cruising deal can save you a fortune.”

Clearly, it is just not convenient for everyone to drop their commitments and decide to take a year-long cruise, even if they have worked out that they could save money by doing so. However, it is still good to know that exploring the world in the best way possible is now within the grasp of so many more of us than before; as the cruise blogger Cruise Miss notes, “gone are the days when only the rich and famous could take to the high seas – now there is a voyage within a budget to suit everyone.”

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Enjoying the comprehensive nature of cruising

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You will no doubt have heard the phrase ‘all-inclusive’ before and may feel understandably dubious whenever you see it connected with a holiday. However, many cruises really are just that these days; when you first arrive onboard, you may find it a novel experience to enjoy a wonderful meal followed by first-class accommodation, without being presented with a bill for either of these afterwards!

English Mum told us why these all-encompassing packages are perfectly suited to those who know exactly what they can afford to spend on holiday:

“Another great thing about cruising is that once you’re on board, everything is paid for, so you’re not going to be paying for your food or accommodation, just any luxuries like alcoholic drinks or your excursions… this makes cruising a great option if you have a set budget. You know exactly where you stand.”

Again, the ‘all-inclusive’ nature of modern cruising means that you can really make your trip as affordable as you want it to be. If you find that you have saved so much through your careful planning that you can stretch to pushing the boat out (no pun intended) once or twice whilst on board, you will be spoilt for choice for options of how to spend your hard-saved funds.

As Cruise Miss explains: “We all know that cruising can incur other charges once you are on board, but thanks to drinks packages and lower cruise fares, we can keep the costs down. Food is included on every cruise, so we don’t need to worry about that. And more often than not, you will also find tea and coffee making facilities available free of charge in the food areas.”

It is also important to remember that, when it comes to the best providers of cruises around the world, ‘all inclusive’ can include many highlights which you may not have previously thought could possibly be included in the price of your ticket.

To take just one example, you are sure to be impressed by the range of entertainment and activities which can now be taken advantage of by cruise passengers as part of even the most affordable packages. From traditional cabaret to classical music performances, and from guest lectures to arts and crafts sessions, you will never be short of something fun and interesting to do whilst travelling between destinations – and all at no extra cost!

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Eliminate the usual extras

People at the airport

One of the main reasons why cruising is more affordable than many of us may have thought is that it allows passengers to avoid some of the expenses they would usually have no option but to pay for when taking any other kind of long or even short-haul holiday, such as car hire and fuel.

Travel blogger Explore with Ed shared a few other examples of the kind of service you will not even have to think about once you set sail: “Booking a plane ticket abroad is sometimes the smaller part of the overall cost, with an additional budget being required for eating, drinking, hotels and transfers. When you board a cruise ship, your accommodation travels with you, food is often available around the clock at no charge, and you frequently dock right into the city, eliminating the need for extra travel expenses.”

Ed goes on to explain how “costs can be further reduced by avoiding onshore tourist traps and eating onboard the ship, as well as investigating the local transport system before your visit if you’d like to venture further inland.”

Setting off on your cruise holiday from London Tilbury, for example, can allow you to see the world, potentially without ever having to deal with the stress and expense of making your way through an airport and flying to your destination. This particular feature of cruising is not just beneficial in a financial sense but also in terms of convenience – Explore with Ed explains how “as you only need to unpack your luggage once, cruising is a convenient and affordable way to travel the world.”

We also offer cruises from a range of regional ports, meaning that for those in the South West of England a cruise from Falmouth is possible and if you're in Scotland, a cruise from Dundee means you won't have to travel too far.

Again, it is so important to bear in mind that the main savings that can be made on cruises are not so much on the headline price of your travel ticket but on what else that ticket includes. How often have you arrived home from holiday in the past having spent much more than you had initially bargained for? All those little extras you hadn’t thought about tend to stack up quickly, even if you are only going away for a long weekend – but not on a cruise!

For the truly economical, there are all kinds of other little steps you can take which will help to keep the costs down. Cruise Miss shared one classic example which applies not just to cruise ships but restaurants on dry land as well: “Did you know you can also ask a waiter at the bar for a glass of tap water? You don’t HAVE to purchase bottled water!”

See all your favourite locations at once

Hagia Sophia

Another great advantage of cruising is the ability it gives passengers to explore not just one but several of their favourite or most desired destinations within a matter of weeks, or even days. The prospect of globetrotting across a range of countries is not just an exciting one but, if it’s done on a cruise, can be an extremely economical way of seeing the world.

As English Mum tells us: “The thing about cruising is that, if you pick your itinerary carefully, you can tick several places off your bucket list on one trip, saving you precious time and budget.” These dual benefits of convenience and finding an affordable way to explore all those places you’ve always wanted are surely enough to turn the head of every would-be voyager.

Anyone who has attempted to truly explore the world in the past will know that being immersed in different countries and cultures is an extraordinarily eye-opening and rewarding experience. What they may not tell you as often, however, is how prohibitively expensive it can be. Cruising, however, takes not just the hassle but also much of the expense out of what will no doubt be a memorable and enriching time.

What’s more, you will most likely find that choosing a cruise instead of a self-organised and navigated holiday will allow you to discover foreign lands in a great deal more comfort than would otherwise be possible. Travelling under your own steam necessarily involves taking risks when it comes to accommodation – after all, how much can you really tell from the photos of that hotel you have seen online?

On a cruise, you already know what room you will be coming home to after a long day exploring (or simply relaxing), and you certainly won’t have to worry about rushing to meet check-out times in the morning! The fact that all of this convenience and peace of mind comes at comparatively little cost is a very big bonus.

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It doesn’t have to be a one-time experience

Ambassador Ambience Cruise Ship

If you know anyone who has been on a cruise in the past, you will probably already know that taking this kind of trip can be extremely addictive. This is one consideration you will need to be aware of if you are thinking about booking your first affordable cruise – you may find that one just isn’t enough!

Whichever cruise you take first – whether it’s a short voyage on a France cruise, or jumping into the deep end with an around the world cruise – you may discover that the cruising bug is very hard to get rid of.

There is no reason, however, why you should think of cruising as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. No matter how well-travelled you are, it will take you a very long time to see every corner of the world which can be reached by ship, so don’t hop onto your first cruise thinking that it has to be your last.

You will also find that - as time goes by and your cruise journeys start to mount up - you become even better at budgeting and choosing the most cost-effective yet enjoyable ways of traversing the seas.

Save money by cruising the world

As you can see, there are almost endless reasons why you should consider cruising as your next holiday option, even if it is not something you have ever thought of doing before. This surprisingly affordable method of seeing the world is something that is growing in popularity among first-time passengers of all ages, and particularly those who thought that taking a cruise would always be beyond their budget.

So, before you book your next trip, be sure to take a bit of time to look into the many cruise holidays that are now open to passengers of every taste and budget.