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Why you should book a mini cruise

Tuesday 10 August 2021

St Mary's, Isle of Scilly

There are many reasons a person would want to go on a cruise holiday: only unpacking once, seeing amazing destinations around the world, amazing on-ship entertainment, the list is endless. However, when people think of cruising it can be longer trips that come to mind. But, we think that, for some, a mini-cruise can be the ideal getaway. Whether you want to squeeze in a quick cruise in 2024 or are planning a romantic 2025 cruise but only want something short, there is an option for you.

Read on to discover why a mini cruise might be the holiday you need. But first, what is a mini cruise?

What is a mini cruise?

Mini cruise breaks are any short cruise. The exact number of days a cruise needs to last to be considered ‘mini’ changes from person to person, but most cruise lines will consider it anything less than a week.

Mini cruises often explore the British Isles and areas of Northern Europe which are quicker to access, meaning you won’t need to worry about not getting to see unique and exciting destinations.

Why book a mini cruise?

Ambience Livery Front Quarter

You can try cruising for the first time

Mini cruising is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and test out cruising. These short trips mean you have a low commitment and aren’t on the ship for a long time, but you are on it long enough to be able to try some of the fantastic things a cruise can offer. Think of it as a taster cruise.

If you’ve always wanted to cruise but have always had something holding you back, then look at a mini cruise as the perfect compromise. With prices starting very low you won’t need to spend a lot for a fantastic time away, and you’ll soon get the cruising bug!

You don’t need to take a lot of time out

Mini cruises are aimed at people who just need a few days or a weekend to unwind. Although most people associate cruises with long holidays around the world, a mini cruise means you’ll get all of that cruise relaxation, without having to spend a huge amount of time away. Perfect for a last-minute break or squeezing in an extra holiday.

Ambience Show Lounge

You can make the most of every minute

There is so much to do on a cruise ship you’ll have a great time without having to traipse across cities or spend ages checking reviews to find the best spots. Everything you need will be right there.

Plus, you know that as soon as you get on the ship it’s holiday time. And, when moving between locations the relaxation doesn’t need to stop as you can enjoy the onboard amenities before you port again.

You can enjoy package deals done well

Package deals are fantastic. Paying ahead of time and knowing everything is taken care of can really make a holiday fantastic. But what is even better than that is when that service is of luxury standard. At Ambassador, you’ll get options to upgrade your package when you book letting you make sure everything is paid for before you leave.

When you cruise, your fee can cover all manner of holiday expenses and do it at a luxury, with options to personalise your package to ensure it suits your needs. Package-deal resorts are often synonymous with sub-par service, crowded pool sides and not much more. With cruising and our packaging, it’s a very different story. Even on a short cruise, priority is put on making sure your experience is as life-changing and relaxing as possible.

Hamburg Christmas Market at night

You can experience a unique Christmas break

The winter months are often overlooked as a great time for holidaying by those seeking sun and sand, but there is one amazing reason to go away this winter. European Christmas markets bring in hundreds of people to enjoy roasted nuts, Gluhwein and bratwurst.

Weave through the small market stands and experiences the smells of festive food as you go. Watch on at the smiling faces picking up gifts for their loved ones as they browse. Relax and soak in another culture’s holidays. A European Christmas market cruise is a great way to spend your weekend getting into the festive spirit the best way in the world, travelling to places like Hamburg and Antwerp on our mini cruises from the UK.

You can avoid the hassle of airports

Airports, who needs them? Not you! Skip the customs line, forget having to carry your suitcase around and worrying about weight limits. Opting for a cruise offer takes all of that stress away. This can make it a much more family-friendly holiday. Buy as much as you like and know you are not going to have to worry about fitting it all in your case for a flight! Feel free to bring back items like bottles of delicious regional wine without having to worry about 100ml limits.

With a short break, often a lot of time can be wasted in the travel and waiting around at airports or on trains. Not with a mini cruise! Even the time spent travelling is a holiday with our onboard amenities and entertainment. This is travelling done right. From the moment you step onboard your ship your holiday begins, and you can start to unwind.

Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

You can have more than one type of holiday at once

The amazing thing about cruise breaks is they are more than one type of holiday, all at once. Before you even arrive at your destination, our cruise ship’s onboard experiences mean that you can spend some time in the pool, catch a show at the Laughter Longue and experience some of the finest dining on the ocean.

Then, when you do arrive at your destination you can choose from shore excursions, going it alone, going with a group from your cruise and much more. A mini cruise can be whatever kind of holiday you need.

Why you should book a mini cruise

  • You can try cruising for the first time

  • You don’t need to take a lot of time out

  • You can make the most of every minute

  • You can experience a unique Christmas break

  • You can enjoy all-inclusive done well

  • You can avoid the hassle of airports

  • You can have more than one type of holiday at once

If you think mini cruise breaks may be for you, why not browse our mini-cruise holidays and find the getaway for you?

For more tips, guides, and advice, make sure to visit our blog page.

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