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Introducing our new charity partner – ORCA

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with ORCA,  a charity dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters, to launch the first ever cruise “Anti-Whaling” campaign, creating the Ambassador & ORCA pledge.

The Ambassador & ORCA pledge

  • A brand-wide anti-whaling policy, making it clear that Ambassador Cruise Line is opposed to all commercial whaling

  • Formal notice to the Faroese Government urging them to end the dolphin hunt during the upcoming review

  • A review of all proposed Destination Experiences for guests in Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the Faroes and pledge to remove any activities that incorporate any form of whaling or offer the option to consume whale and dolphin products (e.g. restaurants serving whale meat), including not offering any experiences to Oceanariums (experiences that have captive marine mammals)

  • Our commitment to send booked guests pre-cruise communications advising them not to consume whale and dolphin meat during their trips, outlining the fact that tourism is one of the key drivers of whaling and making them aware of the significant human health risks in consuming whale meat

  • Incorporating onboard educational activities on sailings, about the whaling industry, the impact it has on the marine ecosystem and address myths surrounding the industry

As part of our pledge ORCA will be placing two Ocean Conservationists onboard Ambience and Ambition in 2023 and 2024, on 14 sailings, totalling over 500 days.

These Ocean Conservationists will visit countries such as Iceland, Greenland and sail the Iberian coast, Black Sea and Irish Sea. During their voyages they will collect important scientific data in key areas, as well as delivering an enhanced onboard experience for guests so that they can deliver unforgettable wildlife experiences to all guests.

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