How To Spend a Day in Falmouth

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

View of Falmouth harbour from the sky

Surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery and where the River Fal meets the English Channel, Falmouth is known for being one of Cornwall's most historic seaside towns. Due to its position, the surrounding channel still plays a massive part in Falmouth culture today, especially as it is still a thriving harbour.

From Falmouth, you can embark on cruises around the British Isles, the Mediterranean and many more incredible locations. If you choose to look at cruises from Falmouth and have some free time before your big adventure, this guide will show you some of the best ways to spend a day in Falmouth.

How to spend a day in Falmouth

  • Step back in time at Pendennis Castle
  • Explore the National Maritime Museum
  • Wander through Trebah Gardens
  • Stroll around independent shops
  • See Cornwall from the sea with a boat trip
  • Taste some local cuisine

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Pendennis Castle in Falmouth

Step back in time at Pendennis Castle

Built for Herny VIII in the 16th century, Pendennis Castle was used to protect the Fal Estuary from Spain and France's invasion and was used as a stronghold until the end of World War Two. Providing visitors with incredible views out to Castle and Gylly Beach, you will be able to visit their interactive exhibition and cells, as well as having the opportunity to relive an enemy attack on the WWII observation post.

In the keep, you will find a maze of rooms and twisting staircases where you will feel like the castle is under attack with an immersive experience. Additionally, you will have the chance to go back in time to the First World War exhibition, which will tell you everything about the history of the castle.

Explore the National Maritime Museum

Cornwall has a rich and interesting history, and this can be discovered at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. There are a plethora of exhibitions where you can learn how the sea has such an impact on the way the Cornish have lived for thousands of years. There are fifteen galleries extending over five floors, where you can explore the sea's influence on Cornwall's culture and history, and with special exhibitions held throughout the year, it is definitely a wonderful place to delve into history. In a blog post, popular travel blogger Zena from Zena’s Suitcase shared her thoughts:

“If you venture to the very top of the National Maritime Museum, you come to the Lookout Tower, which was my personal favourite of all the exhibitions. This viewing station offers exceptional views over Falmouth harbour, the estuary and the town. There’s lots of information to help you spot local landmarks as well as some handy telescopes and binoculars.”

Wander through Trebah Gardens

Trebah Gardens is not a place to be missed, with tropical flora and fauna around every corner. With vibrant tunnels of colourful flowers cascading down to a secluded cove, it is a wonderful place to take an afternoon stroll before heading off on your cruise. You will have the chance to explore four miles of extraordinary footpaths where you will walk amongst tropical plants and be transported to somewhere with warmer climes.

The private beach is a true example of the incredible Cornish coastline and is perfect for taking an hour or two to take in the surrounding landscape with a good book, picnic or both

Stroll around independent shops

Cornwall is renowned for independent shops, and Falmouth is home to some of the best in the country. Whether you want to simply window shop along the bustling high street or want to explore each shop, there will be something for everyone. Falmouth plays host to your traditional lifestyle brand shops, but you will also find plastic-free foodie stores, gift boutiques, and décor shops full of locally made pieces; there is no doubt you will be spoiled for choice and won't be able to resist leaving with a few shopping bags.

View if Falmouth Harbour

See Cornwall from the sea with a boat trip

For a taste of the waves before you set sail on your holiday, planning a boat trip is a must. With Falmouth being a busy harbour, you won't be short of a choice of ways you can see the famous Cornish coastline from a different perspective.

Why not catch a ferry from Falmouth and have the chance to sail across the wide waterway of Carrick Roads to the beautiful village of St Mawes? Here, you will have a short stroll from the little harbourside to St. Mawes Castle.

It is no secret that Cornwall's waters are teeming with some incredible British aquatic wildlife, so booking a sea safari is a great idea to witness these animals in their natural habitat. Take a sea safari where you may have the opportunity to see seabirds, dolphins, seals, basking sharks, porpoises and, if you are lucky, minke whales. You will be transported around the dramatic Cornish coastline and may even discover stories of shipwrecks and smugglers.

Traditional Cornish pasty

Taste some local cuisine

Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a locally sourced meal, there is no doubt you will be spoiled for choice when finding somewhere to eat in Falmouth. With fishing and farming being at the forefront of Cornish cuisine, you will never be too far away from some of the freshest local produce, meaning there are some incredible things to taste.

Cornwall produces some of the finest seafood and farm produce in the UK; restaurants and cafes take full advantage of this, so tasting Cornish seafood should be at the top of your list. Of course, no visit to Cornwall would be complete without a pasty, so stop by one of Falmouth's many bakeries, which you will never be too far away from.

Getting to Falmouth Terminal

For those located in the South of England, Falmouth is a great place to start your holiday when travelling on a cruise with us, especially as there are some great things to see and do around this town.

Address: Falmouth Harbour, The Docks, Falmouth, TR11 4NR

The Falmouth Cruise Terminal is located at the iconic Falmouth Harbour and can be easily accessed whether you are heading there by train or car or if you have spent some time in Falmouth before your trip, then it is only a short taxi ride. If you are travelling by car, then be sure to book parking as it must be pre-booked before arrival. If arriving by train, then the docks are only a five-minute walk from the station.

Our UK departure ports

We depart from the eight ports throughout the UK, such as Newcastle, London Tilbury, Dundee, Liverpool, Bristol, Belfast, Edinburgh and, of course, Falmouth, meaning you are never too far away from being able to embark on a holiday of a lifetime.

Falmouth is a wonderful place to connect the South West to some incredible cruising locations such as Iberia and North Africa, the British Isles, the Mediterranean and more. Embarking on a British Isles Cruise is an incredible way to explore what your homeland offers as beautiful locations such as Scotland. However, if you are searching for sunshine, then there are no better choices than heading to the Mediterranean or North Africa.

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