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Onboard credit explained: What and where to spend it?

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Ambience in the Fjords

When travelling with Ambassador Cruise Line, we take care of all the finer details, so you don’t have to. Our comfortable and cosy rooms on both Ambience and Ambition offer you a place to rest your head, our selection of bars, restaurants and entertainment areas offer you a place to laugh and catch up with friends, and our pools and spa allow you to relax and unwind on sea days. But there are some things we leave up to you, and that includes your onboard credit and how you choose to spend this.

In this guide, we explain a little more about what onboard credit is, how you get it and where you can spend it on our ships. Keep reading to find out a little more.

What is onboard credit?

Onboard credit is as simple as it sounds, it is credit that you can spend when you are on the ship. Whilst cruising with Ambassador, we will set up an account that can be used for purchasing goods and services whilst onboard. All purchases and expenses are charged to this account, and you will be presented with an invoice at the end of your cruise.

These accounts make it easy and simple for you to make purchases onboard and allow you to explore our ships without having to carry around cards and cash with you. You can check your balance anytime on the All Aboard App, and your account can be topped up at any time using cash or card at the reception.

Credit can be added to your account by yourself, a member of staff or before you travel. You may find that there is a deal that accompanies your cruise that offers you some free onboard credit when you book through the website. This will be added to your account before your sailing, and you can use it to purchase items or pay for meals and drinks (that aren’t included in your cruise cost) while on your cruise.

When booking an Ambassador cruise, you will find that most things are included in your fare price, including your cabin, full board cuisine, invitations to the gala and Captain’s dinner, entry to onboard entertainment and use of the onboard facilities like the pool and spa. You might want to use your onboard credit when upgrading things like meals to dine at one of our speciality restaurants or booking spa treatments.

How can I add onboard credit?

It is simple and easy to add credit to your account and this can be done before and during your cruise. You can add and check credit on the All Aboard App or by asking a member of staff. You can also keep tabs on your credit on the app should you wish.

Credit can be added on the app with a MasterCard, Amex or Visa credit card, by Visa debit card or with cash at the reception desk whilst onboard.

Where can I spend onboard credit?

Onboard credit can be spent anywhere on our ships, but there are some specific locations where you might wish to splash out and enjoy a little spending spree.

Salon and spa

Our onboard salons and spa offer you a tranquil area to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of some of the busier areas. You can use your onboard credit to pay for treatments to make your experience that extra bit special.

Shopping Galeria

The shopping areas on both of our ships are perfect for those looking to take home something to remember their trip by. With a selection of items on offer, you could purchase clothing, makeup, perfume, or sunglasses from the onboard duty-free or a souvenir magnet or postcard to gift to a loved one back home!

Bars and restaurants

Most of the meals and drinks you will enjoy on an Ambassador cruise will be included in your cruise price, but some of our speciality restaurants require an extra cost. Alternatively, depending on the drinks package you’ve got, you might find certain tipples are charged at an extra cost. These are both places where your onboard credit would come into play.

If you’re looking to join us on an upcoming no-fly cruise, we hope this guide has given you some insight into how onboard credit works on our ships. For more information about our ships and what you can expect whilst on board, then take a look at our FAQs, or alternatively, look at our blog for travel inspiration.

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