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The advantages of last-minute cruise deals

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Ambition cruise ship in the port of Vigo, Spain

Last-minute cruises – you either love them or haven’t booked one yet! For those with more flexibility in when they can leave, a last-minute cruise holiday can offer a wealth of tremendous advantages, as well as allowing you to spend more time at sea taking in the world.

If you’ve not booked one yet, read on to discover some of the advantages of last-minute cruising.

The Advantages of Last-Minute Cruise Deals

  • You can enjoy a great fare

  • You can enjoy an unexpected destination

  • You can make the most of your free time

You can enjoy a great fare

When you get one of our late deals, you can enjoy some great fares on some incredible cruises. By opting to enjoy a last-minute cruise holiday, you’ll find that you can enjoy some of our best prices ever and get an unforgettable cruise for an exceptional price. Although you’ll likely have to forgo some cruising norms such as opting for a preferred cabin and enjoying seasonal deals like upgraded drinks packages or onboard credit offers, you can sometimes snap up a cheaper fare. As a premium cruise line, Ambassador also offers fantastic value for money, and a late-cruise deal can make that even more true.

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You can enjoy an unexpected destination

One of the best things about opting to enjoy a last-minute cruise is that you might end up visiting an unexpected destination that you fall in love with. If you’re opting for a last-minute cruise but have specific travel dates, you might find that the cruise that suits your timings goes to a destination you’ve never really considered visiting before. Our cruises travel across the world, including cruises from Singapore to the UK, Norway cruises and Canaries cruises, so there are plenty of fascinating destinations you might end up visiting!

Although it can be fantastic to cruise to a bucket list destination or to enjoy a bucket list experience like witnessing the Northern Lights, it can also be unique to explore the unknown and visit somewhere you have no preconceptions about. You’ll go there with no notions of what to expect and might find you fall in love. Why not lean into the unknown even more and do as little research as possible before your trip?

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You can make the most of your free time

Being able to embrace spontaneity and make the most of any free time you have can be incredibly rewarding and add excitement to your life. Even if you are working, you might find that a week off you intended to spend pottering around the house perfectly aligns with a late-cruise deal, and you could instead be cruising the Mediterranean or even just popping away briefly on a mini cruise.

For those in later life who aren’t tied to a job, opting to enjoy late-cruise deals can be a great way to enjoy an unexpected getaway and make the most of your retirement fund. If you are flexible in when you can travel, then why not keep an eye on our deals and find one that makes your heart jump with excitement?


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