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View of the Pyramids near Cairo city in Egypt
Ancient wonders you can see on a cruise holiday

22 March 2022

Discover the most amazing ancient sites you can visit around the world on a cruise holiday, from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Scottish Skara Brae.

The panoramic view of the ancient citadel Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel.
How to spend your stopover in Jerusalem, Israel

15 March 2022

Jerusalem is one of the oldest and most significant cities in the history of the human race and a fascinating destination for anyone who gets the opportunity to visit. For many, making the pilgrimage here is of momentous religious importance as Jerusalem is a holy city in three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, even for those who do not follow a faith, the city’s long and rich history and significance in humanity should be draw enough to want to get under its skin.

Person looking out to sea on ship
A first timer's guide to cruising solo

8 March 2022

Some may think that cruising is the perfect travel option for couples and groups of friends who can enjoy the activities and sights with one another, but cruising is an amazing vacation choice for solo cruisers too. Cruising solo is the perfect way to explore and discover new destinations and locations and make new friends along the way.

Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye, Scotland
What is Scotland known for?

1 March 2022

Sometimes, it can be the places closest to home that can offer the most unforgettable adventures. Scotland might not be somewhere you’ve considered for a cruise holiday, but with incredible coastlines, a deep and strong culture and a welcoming nature, there is much to be enjoyed in this northern wonderland.

Houses in Lisbon
Essential guide to Lisbon, Portugal

15 February 2022

Want to learn more about Lisbon, Portugal? In this article, we answer questions such as Where is Lisbon, Does Lisbon have a beach and What to do in Lisbon?

How to spend your stopover in Nuuk, Greenland

15 February 2022

Visiting Nuuk and not sure how to spend your day in the city? In this article, we reveal what to do in Nuuk, the stunning capital of Greenland.

Vegan food on a plate
A guide to cruising for vegetarians and vegans

8 February 2022

Cruising is known for being a form of travelling that suits everyone from all walks of life with varying tastes and preferences, so it is no surprise that cruising is a really good option for vegetarians and vegans as well as those who enjoy a selection of cuisines and dishes.

View over Lofoten, Norway
10 reasons to book a Norwegian Fjord Cruise

1 February 2022

Discover 10 reasons to book a Norwegian Fjordland cruise, from the amazing scenery and wildlife to the welcoming people and unique way of life.

Ambassador Ambience Cruise Ship
Top 5 European cruise types to enjoy

26 January 2022

Looking to enjoy a European cruise? We have explained a little more about our top 5 European cruise destinations and packages we think you should enjoy.

Traditional Greek Moussaka
Must-try Greek food and drink

18 January 2022

A gem in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece offers a wide range of delicious food and drink. We suggest our must-tries for those planning a visit.

Street cafe
The best tapas in Tenerife

11 January 2022

Sun, sea and spectacular scenery, Tenerife is an incredible port to visit on a Canary Island cruise. Whether you’ve spent your stopover enjoying the rich, local history or just relaxing on the sun-kissed seafront, we’re sure there will come a point when enjoying some of the local cuisine enters your mind.

Northern Lights captured over Lofoten Islands, Norway
The science behind the Northern Lights

28 December 2021

We all know what they look like, but what are the Northern Lights and what causes the Northern Lights? We tell all in this article.

Christmas Tree on Tenerife Island
How is Christmas celebrated around the world?

21 December 2021

Wondering what Christmas looks like in other countries? In this article, we explore the festivities in Germany, Iceland, Canary Islands, Norway and Greece.

Windsor Castle
Great British castles you need to explore

14 December 2021

Thanks to its battle-harden history, the British Isles are laden with beautiful castles. Discover some Great British castles in this article.

Chasing the Midnight Sun

7 December 2021

What is the midnight sun? Where can you see it? In this article, we discuss the phenomenon of the midnight sun and answer your questions.

Find out how to enjoy Bergen on a budget

29 November 2021

Bergen is considered the gateway to the Norwegian fjords and is a picturesque city located on Norway’s southwestern coast. Although it’s a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, Bergen is far from your average holiday destination as it perfectly combines nature, culture and an exciting urban life all year round.

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